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The Unicorn
There are few things that girls love more than pointy sparkle horses, better known as unicorns. Unfortunately, the only unicorn we could afford has spent most of his immortal life experimenting with human psychoactive substances.

Vanilla is sweet, pure and simple, making her the perfect role model for young girls. Her lack of complexity also makes it easy for females who aren't used to the complicated plot tangles of boy comics to follow her cute and charming story.

Carrot Cake
Sometimes, female fans actually like characters who have a little "depth" to them. And what's deeper than mental health problems? Carrot Cake has... some type of personality disorder. I'm sure someone on the internet will inform us of which one.

The Princess
These days, even Disney heroines tend to be "kickbutt". However, our princess demonstrates that real ~girl power~ lies not in punching and kicking, but in wearing poofy gowns and serving as a political bargaining chip via forced marriage.

Red Velvet
By law, all comics are required to have at least one hot chick, no matter who the intended audience is.

Also known as Green Tea to the otaku who watched the dub, Ryokucha comes from the exciting land of Japan, where the world is frequently saved by clutzy teenage girls, and pretty boys enjoy making out with each other.